Summer Sins

We all look forward to the summer season. But for the Christian, the summer season also brings some temptations that are not faced to the same degree at other times of the year. We need to be aware of those temptations because the devil is going to use every desire he can to destroy us. 

II Cor. 2:11 - We cannot be ignorant to his devices. 

1. The temptation of immodest dress. 

- Men and women wearing short tops, short shorts, short skirts, bathing suits in view of the general public. 

- The Bible teaches the principle of modesty throughout its pages for both men and women. 

- I Tim. 2:9 

2. The temptation to look and lust 

-I John 2:16 - the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life 

- Matt. 5:28 - Jesus warns about looking and lusting 

3. The temptation of vacationing from God 

-Summer can get busy with Little League, trips and other distractions from God and His Church. 

-Matt. 6:33 - seek the kingdom first 

- Heb. 10:25 Do not forsake the assembly 

Remember the summer is truly a blessing from God. So, use this time to seek God’s ways first. If you will do this, you will enjoy the summer season and also keep your soul and others from falling into sin.