Announcements - September 25, 2022

  • Welcome to Colby Junkin, who is preaching  this morning, and to Bob Griffin, who will be our guest speaker this evening!
  • Jared and Bonnie Hagan plan to begin worshipping with us at Brookhill next Sunday!  He will be preaching both sermons on that day.  Please join us for a potluck at Killen Park (Lions Club Shelter) after morning worship.  We will meet at 2:00 p.m. for an afternoon worship service after the potluck.
  • Larry has an epidural procedure scheduled tomorrow for his back.  Please pray for relief of his pain.
  • Sherry Posey has injured her knee and is having difficulty getting around.  She would appreciate your prayers.
  • Please be careful not to touch the sheetrock right now.  You will get sheetrock dust on your hands and clothes.  Please watch the children around the electrical plugs, while the covers are off.
  • Thank you to our teachers for the quarter ending this week:  David Hill, Tim Bradford, Tyler Glass, Connie Stutts, Anita Burney, Tina Covington, and Maggie Covington. All your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  • New Teachers For the upcoming quarter beginning October 2 are:
    • Adults – Andrew Gatlin
    • Teens – Dennis Hargett
    • 4-6 – Salina Bradford
    • K-3 – Martha Hill
    • Nursery – Leigh Byers


  • Thomas Hill – September 25
  • Gary Love – September 26
  • Dennis Smith – October  1


  • Ricky & Sherry Posey – September 29
  • Justin & Janet Michael – October 2


Leona Johnson,  Norma Thigpen, Carolyn Hill, Ellaree Cooper, Moira and Chancey Bruce,  Martin Leavitt, Mike and Sandi Podstock, Marleigh Gilbert,  David Hill, Selah Cardel,  Danny Goodwin, Ben Waldrep, Mac Cooper,  Elizabeth Lilley, Zack Thigpen, Brandon Miller, Titus Hollander, Ricky Posey,  Greg Cummings, Tommie Thigpen, Darlene Townsend, Millerine Hargett, Anita Burney, Jane Johnson,  Dwain Hargett,  Logan Allen, Jackie Ching, Larry Hill