Announcements - May 22, 2022

  • Welcome to Jared and Bonnie Hagan, who traveled from Colorado Springs, where it was snowing, to be with us today!
  • Also today, we will celebrate the graduation of Brody Covington at a potluck at Killen Park Shelter #3, at lunchtime. Brody is graduating from Lauderdale County High School, and will be starting football practice at Huntingdon College in Montgomery very soon. You will  have the opportunity to get to know Jared and Bonnie Hagan, who will be joining us for lunch.  Afternoon worship will be at 2:00 p.m.


  • Deb Scholtens – May 31


  • Mark & Tommie Thigpen – May 23
  • Jason & Jennifer Lard – May 28


Leona Johnson,  Norma Thigpen, Carolyn Hill, Ellaree Cooper, Hannah Kiel, Moira and Chancey Bruce,  Martin Leavitt, Mike and Sandi Podstock, Marleigh Gilbert, Rob Caldwell, Malissa Martin,  Mike Clements,  David Hill, baby Selah Cardel,  Danny Goodwin, Ben Waldrep, Mac Cooper, Paul Sheehan, Marge Gainer,  family of Ethan Pennington, Elizabeth Lilley, Brandon Miller, Titus Hollander, Ricky Posey, family of Jared Hicks, Greg Cummings, Etta West,  Pud Harrison, family of Doris Neese