What Does it Say?

Which book of the Bible contains what stuff? Match the book to the proper description what's init.


1. ActsA. Paul's Presentation of what Christians's believe
2. ExodusB. Predictions about the Servant-Messiah who would come
3. GenesisC. Songs of praise, requests for help, honest doubts
4. IsaiahD. Story of beginnings of the earth and Israel
5. JoshuaE. Story of Jesus' life and death
6. MatthewF. Story of the early church
7. ProverbsG. Story of the Israelites' entry into Canaan
8. PsalmsH. Story of the Israelites' escape from Egypt
9. RevelationI. Visions of the end times
10. RomansJ. Wise sayings


Answers for last week

  1.  K
  2.  M
  3.  G
  4.  E
  5.  D
  6.  H
  7.  J
  8.  A
  9.  I
  10.  F
  11.  C
  12.  B
  13.  L