Proverbs 4

Read Proverbs 4

  1. What did the father teach his young son to do? Read V-1-5.
  2. What will wisdom do for you? Read V-6-9.
  3. What is the result of receiving wisdom? Read V-10-13.
  4. Where should we not go in our daily life? Read V-14-17.
  5. What comes out of your heart? Read V. 18-25.
  6. Which direction should you walk in your life? Read V. 26-27.

Answers to Proverbs 3

  1. Long life and peace, God’s favor, God will direct your paths, healthy life
  2. When one gives back to the Lord, such as giving on the first day of the week
  3. Those He loves.
  4. Happiness and a pleasant life.
  5. Sound wisdom and common sense.
  6. Those in need and help immediately.
  7. Those that are just and humble and wise.