Proverbs 28-29

  1. What is better for the poor to have than riches?
  2. Whose prayer is an abomination?
  3. What is the result of hiding your sin?
  4. Showing partiality is what?
  5. If one gives to the poor, what is the result?
  6. One who loves wisdom makes his father what?
  7. What does the righteous consider?
  8. What does a wise man do with their feelings?
  9. If a child is left to raise themselves, what is the result?
  10. Who is happy?
  11. What does an angry man do?

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Answers for Proverbs 26-27

  1. You will be like him.
  2. His folly
  3. His own
  4. No strife
  5. Boast about all we will do
  6. Open rebuke
  7. Faithful and helpful
  8. Iron sharpening iron
  9. Not forever