Did You Win?

In athletic contests we always like to know who won the game? In fact, the point of the game is to win. It’s hard to imagine someone playing in a game and not caring about the score. It’s even more difficult to imagine who does not care about the score in their spiritual game or someone who is afraid to look at the score. This is college bowl season. How could anyone watch these bowl games and get all excited but ignore the score of the games. It’s hard to imagine a Christian who went through this past year and has not regularly taken a look at the score and see how they are doing. What’s the score in your spiritual life as you leave 2020? Are you winning?

If you were to die before the end of 2020 would God declare you a winner in the spiritual battle or a loser? Just the idea of losing one’s spiritual battle should cause us to do as II Corinthians 13:5 tells us “examine yourself.” Just the thought of spending eternity in hell should motivate us to want to win the spiritual battle.

Here are some questions to help us in answering the question: what’s the score in our spiritual life?

  1. How is your Bible study?
  2. How is your prayer life?
  3. How is your spreading the good news?
  4. Do you feel closer or farther away from the Lord at the end of 2020? 5. Are you giving as you have prospered?
  5. What were your biggest joys in 2020? Spiritual or physical joys?

Sometimes when we look at the score, we may be keeping the wrong score. We do not see our shortcomings and sins. When we fail to admit our wrongs and are full of excuses, we will end up with the wrong score. The year 2020 is not over yet. If you have been winning spiritually, keep it up for the next few days and into 2021. If you are losing, there is still time to become a Christian or come back to the Lord. John 12:48-49 tells us that we will be judged on the last day. The judge, God, has been keeping the score in our spiritual life. That score matters to God and it better matter to us. Now go out there and win for the Lord and for your soul.