Proverbs 30-31

  1. Who is the author of Proverbs 30?
  2. Every word of God is what?
  3. God wants us to ask for what?
  4. What never says enough and wants more?
  5. What insects can we learn from?
  6. Who is the author of Chapter 31?
  7. What is not good for kings or anyone to drink?
  8. A worthy woman is worth more than what?
  9. What do her husband and children call her?
  10. Who shall be praised?

Thank you again for joining in our study of Proverbs.  I hope you are wiser for participating.  If you would like to study another book or subject from the Bible, please let me know.  May God bless. 



Answers to Proverbs 28-29

  1. Integrity
  2. One who turns their ears from hearing the law
  3. You will not prosper and will have no mercy
  4. Not good
  5. Lacks nothing
  6. Rejoice
  7. The cause of the poor
  8. Holds them back
  9. Shame to their mother
  10. Those who keep the law
  11. Stirs up trouble