Act Your Age

Most of us remember being told when we were children “Act your age.” This rebuke usually meant that we were acting like children much younger than we really were. Now as we are growing older, it isn’t unusual to hear someone say “Well you are in good shape for someone your age” or “A little gray in your hair looks good for someone your age.” All in all, it seems that these two situations suggest that at whatever age we may be in in life, certain things are expected either in behavior and character or in physical development.

In this same manner in our spiritual life and spiritual service to God, there is a very real need to “Act your age” and progress spiritually at your present age. In Hebrews 5:12-14, the writer of Hebrews is rebuking the Christians because they are not acting their age spiritually. They should have grown spiritually and developed into teachers but they had not. It is sad today to see people who have obeyed the gospel years ago but have never been involved in the work of the church. The answer to this problem can vary from one person to another but in all cases they are just not interested in fully serving the Lord.

These long time Christians are still babes in Christ and they need to heed the instruction of Romans 13:11 to “awake out of sleep for now our salvation is nearer than we first believed.” What this verse teaches us today is to wake up and act your age spiritually. Here are some things God expects you to wake up from your spiritual sleep and start doing.

  1. Be at every service and assembly of the local church and be on time.
  2. Participate fully either sitting in the pew or in a public manner.
  3. Give as you have prospered.
  4. Spread the gospel of Jesus.
  5. Be a Godly example to your family, friends, co-workers, classmates.
  6. Pray without ceasing.
  7. Keep learning God’s word.

If you are old enough to read and understand God’s word, then it’s time for you to “act your age” and become a Christian. If you already are a Christian and living a lukewarm life for Jesus, then repent and begin to act your spiritual age. On judgment day, we will all give an account of whether or not we “acted our age” for Jesus.