Where Are You Headed?

If you were to see a man walking down the road carrying a fishing pole and bait box, you would say to yourself, “I know where he is headed. He is going fishing.” If you saw someone carrying a horse saddle, wearing cowboy boots headed toward a field full of horses, you would say to yourself, “He is going horseback riding.” If someone was watching you this past week, what would they say about your lifestyle? Would they say, “Look at that man or woman. He or she is headed to heaven.”

If you are headed to heaven, people would see in your life the following characteristics that are taught in II Peter 1:5-7. They would see virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. If you displayed these qualities this past week, then you are acting like someone who is headed to Heaven. This list of course is not all you need as the next verse tells us to continue to abound and be fruitful. If you lack these things in your life, the Bible says you are blind and your election is not sure.

In our physical lives, we realize that we can be on the right road for a while, make a turn on another road and find ourselves lost. The Bible tells us that the road to Heaven is narrow and a difficult road to stay on. I Corinthians 12:32 tells us “Take heed lest you fall.” The Christian begins his new life on a new road to heaven. They must keep their heart and mind centered on Jesus who is the navigator through life.

So, where are you headed? Is your life centered on the teachings of Jesus? It’s not a question just for Christians to ask themselves but also for local churches. Where is the Brookhill Church headed? If we are headed to heaven, we will be organized as the church was in the Bible with
elders, deacons, and members. Our worship will be in spirit and truth. Our work will be the work God has commanded us to do. Our plan of salvation will be the same as Jesus taught.

For those whose lifestyle is not one that is headed to heaven, there is still time to begin your journey to heaven. If you are not a Christian, you need to believe in Jesus, repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins. If you are a Christian, but you are no longer headed to heaven because of your lifestyle, you need to get back on the road to heaven by confessing your sins.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Did you open your Bibles as much as you did your cell phone this week?