Good Snow Storm?

This past week has sure been an unusual and unexpected week. First there was the rain that turned into freezing rain. Then we had over five inches of snow on top of that, and if that wasn’t enough, we had temperatures in the teens. It sure was a winter wonderland to look at but you couldn’t go out and enjoy it for very long. The roads were iced over. Stores were closed. Power was even lost in some homes making it truly a week that nobody had planned for. That left us striving to make the best of an unfortunate situation. Some had to work at home during this time, while others had to organize activities for the kids. It took some planning but we all made it through the week.

Life is not always smooth. In fact, in our spiritual lives we are told in I Timothy 3:12 “We all will suffer persecution as we follow God.” Life is not always easy as people will not always respond positively to your christian walk. We will also be faced at times with physical problems. Our health may not always be what we want and our job may not be going as well as we would like. For the teenagers, school may be even more difficult this year than the last. These are all unexpected setbacks but like a snow week, we can all make adjustments and stay faithful to the Lord.

We might need to pray a little more. We might have to give up some of our regular activities to concentrate on solving our new problems. We might have to ask our brethren to help us through our spiritual trials.

In some ways it is good to go through a snow week as it makes us get out of our routines and try something new. It also helps us to appreciate what we have in life. We are told in James 1:3 that the trying of our faith works patience. This in layman’s terms that when you have a spiritual snow week, it is good for you. It is a good time to add to your faith as I peter 1:5 tells us that you should “add to your faith diligence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love.”

Well, the snow and freezing rain are almost gone. We will not forget this past week for a long time. They helped us to appreciate the warm weather, the clean roads, and the opportunity to shop when we like. Next time you are faced with an unexpected spiritual storm be prepared to face it with prayer, with a stronger faith and with help from the brethren. In the end, you will see the storm melt away and you can get back on the road to heaven.