Disposable Religion

We live in a disposable age. We have disposable diapers, razors, plates, bottles and on and on. In our desire for convenience in life, we have made what was dependable now undependable. Things we used to treat and maintain as dependable have now also become disposable. Marriages, families, commitments, relationships, church, society is disposing of them all. Where have we gone wrong? Why is it we have made these and other things so disposable?

God has the answer to all our problems in life. The Bible is where God speaks and teaches us. Instead of disposing of every situation we face, we need to see how God would rather have us fix it than dispose of it. God does not want us to dispose of our obligations to him when things get tough. Let’s look at a few teachings of Christ and the Bible that people have and are continuing to try to dispose of.

  1. Marriage. Genesis 2:24-25 tells us marriage is between one man and one woman for life. God does not want us to dispose of this godly relationship in any way. God does not approve of marriage between those of like sexes or divorcing for any reason other than adultery and in that case only the innocent party has the right to remarry. Matt.
  2. 19:4-9.
  3. God’s plan of salvation. The Bible teaches us in Mark 16:16 one must believe and be baptized to be saved. At baptism one’s sins are washed away Acts 2:38. It is the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins at baptism because this is when we contact his death Romans 6:3-4. If we want to please God, we cannot dispose of these commands.

There are many other commands that people have disposed of in their service to the Lord. They have disposed of the establishment of the Lord’s church. They have given his church unscriptural names, unscriptural activities, religious titles to its leaders and on and on.

In our everyday life there are many benefits in having disposable items to use. Just ask any young mother how valuable disposable diapers are. All these products help in our chores in our everyday activities. There are no benefits spiritually when we dispose of God’s commandments in our service to him. Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:21-23 that some people will not enter into the kingdom of heaven because they did not do the will of the father. In layman’s terms this means they disposed of the father’s will.