How do you look in the mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like that person or does that person need to change? In life if you do not have a good self image you will not be very successful. You will have a difficult time making friends, doing schoolwork, playing sports and most of all serving Christ.

Think for a moment where one’s self image comes from. Remember now this self image may be good or it may be bad. First of all it comes from your memories of growing up. If all you remember are your failures such as striking out all the time in baseball, getting bad grades, being picked last, you will probably have a poor self image. If you think your physical appearance was always strange compared to others such as a funny nose, big ears, you will probably think you are a nobody. These past memories will probably continue as you get older and you will not have a very good self image.

Now a good self image comes from a feeling of being worthwhile and realizing you are not the best or the star all the time but you have a lot of good qualities and abilities. You have learned to accept your faults and worked to get better but also enjoyed your successes.

How can one begin to be more self accepting of themselves and have a good self image ?

  1. Accept the things you cannot change. For example, you cannot change the shape of your ears or how tall you are. You must live and accept your physical appearance. It does not dictate your self image.
  2. Just because you fail in one area of life does not mean you should have a poor self image. You may not make the team but you might get good grades in school. Keep trying new activities and you will find new successes.
  3. Be persistent. Just because you tried an activity and failed one time does not mean you are a failure. Success may be found the next time you attempt it.
  4. You can find self worth by helping others. When you are helping others you have less time to think about yourself and to think more of others.

God hopes when we look in the mirror we see someone made in His image who falls short every day but the blood of Jesus washes away your sins. God hopes you see someone who accepts their faults but tries to be more like Christ every day. Jesus died for that person in the mirror because you are very special in His eyes.