Angry Words

Have you ever noticed how many expressions we have for getting angry? We say we get mad, irked, irritated, galled, steamed, furious, incensed, enraged, exasperated, fed up, put out, ticked off; we also get out dander up, hot under the collar, lose our cool, blow our tops, fly off the handle, and even into a tizzy. It almost makes you mad just thinking about all these expressions.

Anger is a serious matter. Unresolved and unchecked anger costs friendships, jobs, marriages and even lives. Over 50 percent of all homicides involve a victim and an assailant who know each other well and the murder is usually preceded by an angry argument.

The reason why we get angry is usually a response to our not getting what we deserved. Our emotions begin to rise, certain physical symptoms appear, more adrenaline is released, our heart begins to beat faster and our body is now ready for action resulting in anger.

The Bible does not always equate anger with sin. In Eph. 4:26 we are told “be ye angry and sin not.” There are numerous things God expects us to be upset and even angry towards. During these times, God expects us to have a righteous response. God showed His anger and His displeasure with those outside the ark during the flood. He also showed it numerous times when the children of Israel murmured. In the world we live in today, sin can be found in so many different places. God expects us to be upset and angry with the consequences these sins are having in so many lives. God expects us to help teach against these sins rather than act in some ungodly way. Jesus showed his righteous anger when he cleansed the temple of the money changers.

May we always remember that Jesus reminds us there are times when it is not only right to be angry but wrong not to be. May we always be on guard to control our anger. Whether you are at home, work, school or with friends, family or brethren, learn to control your tongue because most anger is expressed by what we say.