Don't Be Afraid

In the parable of the talents, three different individuals are given money or talents to use while their master is away. One is given five talents, another two and the last one is given one talent according to their ability. The ones given the larger talents had more ability to use them wisely.

The five talent and two talent servants were told “well done thou hast been faithful.” The one talent servant was reprimanded and told “Thou wicked and lazy servant.” Why did the one talent servant not do anything constructive with his talent? His answer was “I was afraid.”

God expects each one of His servants today to use the abilities they have to glorify Him and not be afraid. God realizes that some Christians have more ability than others. God expects all of us to use what we have in our service to Him.

What are some things people are afraid of today that cause their service to God to be hindered?

  1. Some people are afraid to study the scriptures. They may think they will never learn what God commands or that they may learn it and they just don’t want to obey.
  2. Some people are afraid after they learn the truth to obey it. They are afraid their parents may object, their friends may object and they might even feel they will disappoint God.
  3. Some people are afraid as Christians to try and teach the lost. They are afraid people might think they are a fanatic for God. Others feel they can’t answer all the questions that will be asked of them.

Are you afraid of being a faithful servant of the Lord? One thing that will help you in not being afraid is remembering what Jesus called the servant who said he was afraid. Jesus called him wicked and a lazy servant. There will be no wicked and lazy servants in heaven. So you can see that heaven will be a place for those who are not afraid to use their abilities to glorify the Lord.