Dads are hard to explain. They are people who chase monsters from your closet. They defend you from older brothers. They are people whom you hate at times but dads are also people you can’t live without. My dad is one of those.

My dad is like an angel sent to guide me to heaven. I know this because there’s no way a regular person could be like my dad. I know right this minute God must miss my dad but he gave him up so I could have him.

I know I might yell at him but that’s because he is so perfect in every way. I used to think angels only appeared in movies but now I know I was wrong. If I ever had to live without my dad I think I would die and so would everyone else.

My dad is someone I never want to live without. He always was there for me throughout my life. He taught me how to be kind and to spread joy throughout the world. He also taught me to love the Lord with all my might.

When I say my prayers at night I ask God to keep him alive as long as possible and to make sure that one day my dad will get to go back to heaven where he came from. As I see my friend’s with their dads, I feel even more blessed because I don’t have just any dad but the best one God could give anyone.

So dad, as I close this paper, I never want you to forget all the fun you have given me and all of the love you have shown and all the times you spent with me. It will never be forgotten in my heart and the hearts of many others. So dad, I want you to know that I love you and will never stop loving you no matter what!