Super Heroes Have Supreme Power

These past years, we’ve seen an increase in superhero movies. From Spiderman to Batman to Catwoman and Superman, all these characters have the ability to leap tall buildings, stop runaway trains, fly higher than airplanes. All these things they can do nobody else can do. In their movies, these superheroes have what is called super power. For many children, it is a dream of theirs to be super heroes with super powers.

Now we all realize when we get older that these figures are man-made as are their super powers. There is only one person who truly does have super power. That is the one and only true God. His super power is clearly seen in the world we live in. His power is displayed in the creation of the universe. The animals, the mountains and rivers and of course, man and woman show His power. God has displayed His superpowers by giving us His word, the Bible. He also has the power to forgive our sins and provide all the spiritual blessings we need here on Earth.

Let me ask you a question today. Has God given you any spiritual superpowers? By this I mean special abilities that can only come from God to help us in glorifying Him in all we do. The answer should be yes because all Christians have supreme powers and abilities that have been given them by God. They are as follows:

  1. You can have your old life washed away at the point of baptism and be born again.Acts 2:38
  2. You can have your sins forgiven as a Christian when you confess them I John 1:9 3. You have the ability to do all things to be faithful Phillipians 4:13
  3. You have the ability to tell others about Jesus II Tim.2:2

You may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or stop a runaway train but you have supreme power and abilities that are from God. These powers are more helpful than any man-made super powers. Would you like to be a superhero with super powers? You can be if you will become a Christian and let Christ work in you with His supreme power.