What's Next?

When one visits the doctor, they are always filled with questions, especially one in particular, “What’s next?” It’s comforting to know what is going to happen even if it is something we don’t really enjoy. Knowing what is going to happen, can help one to prepare better for the future.

As Christians we need to regularly ask ourselves “What’s next in my service to the Lord?” By this I mean what are my plans and goals to improve my service to the Lord? Here are a few suggestions for the questions, What’s next?

  1. Will my attendance to the local assembly improve from what it has been? Will I begin to attend Bible study now and Sunday night services?
  2. Will I begin to be more interested in those lost in sin? Will I attempt to teach them about the need for Jesus in their life? II Tim.2:2
  3. Will I begin to be more helpful to those who are sick and needy in the congregation? Will I send them cards and messages of encouragement?
  4. Will I begin to participate more in the worship service here at Brookhill? Will my singing glorify the Lord and teach others more? Eph. 5:19
  5. Will I begin to be more involved in the work of the Brookhill church? Will I take more of a public lead in services? Will I help out around the building more when needed?

What’s next for you in your service to the Lord? For all of us we need to pray more, study more, be less self centered and more Christ centered. If you strive to live like this, you can be assured that what is next in your life after it ends here on Earth will be a home in Heaven by the grace of God.