Are You Rich?

What determines whether one is rich or not? Is it the amount of money in your bank account? Could it be the car you drive or the size house you live in? Possibly it is the job you have and the salary it provides. In the world’s eyes all these things are part of being rich in today’s society.

For a Christian being rich encompasses very different things.

  1. We are rich because we have remission of sins. Acts 2:38
  2. We are rich because we have put on Christ in our life. Gal 3:27
  3. We are rich because we have started a new life. Rom 6:4
  4. We are rich because we have God to turn to in times of trouble. I Pet. 5:7
  5. We are rich because all things will now work for good in our lives. Rom 8:28
  6. We are rich because God will supply all our needs. Phil 4:19
  7. We are rich because of all the blessings we are promised in Christ Jesus. Eph 1:3

Ask yourself now, are you really rich? If you are not a Christian, do all the worldly goods you have accumulated make you rich in God’s eyes? The answer is clearly a big NO! Not only are you not rich, you are living a foolish life.

It’s time to turn to Jesus and serve Him and begin to see what being rich really means.