Does a clean car run better?

Have you ever washed your car and vacuumed it, cleaned it all up and noticed that the car seems to run better now? You did not touch the engine or any of the moving parts, but it seems to run better. There is something about a clean car that at least makes you think that it is running better.

In our service to the Lord, we also need to stop and clean it up and you will see you will be running better for the Lord. Many times, we let the dirt of the world, its thoughts and practices, enter into our life and make our service filthy for the Lord. If we do not clean these practices out of our life, we will begin to not be the servant God wants us to be. The filth of the world will also cause our faith to decrease and crowd out our clean spiritual practices.

So I think you can see that it’s time for all of us to clean up our lives and get the world’s filth out quickly so our service to the Lord can begin to run better. How does one get the filth of the world out of their lives? I John 1:7 tells us “ if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all sins.” Once one has been baptized for the remission of sins and has contacted the shed blood of Jesus Christ he needs only to confess his sins daily to be made clean again (I John 1:9).

If a Christian will follow God’s plan on cleaning the world’s filth out of their life they will begin to see that their life will run alot smoother. This feeling will not only be in your mind but in your heart and it will be true.

So whether or not your car runs better after you clean off the dirt we may never know but we do know when one cleans the world’s dirt out of their life by the blood of Jesus their life will not only run smoother but will be pleasing to the Lord.