Let Your Light Shine

What happened to opening the door for a person? Saying thank you? Or You’re welcome? These and other characteristics of having good manners seem to be dying a slow death. People pull out in their cars, almost hit you and then yell at you as if you did something wrong. The cashier checks you out without saying thank you for shopping here. You hear some young children with terrible language. Are people changing or is it that they really do not know about good manners?

The Christian is told in Matthew 5:16 to “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.” It is time for Christians to show the world their lifestyle that God commands, one that has love and respect for all people, one that is courteous thanking one another, one that brings a smile to another’s face and even sometimes a look of puzzlement because they have never seen or heard someone like that before.

Yes, you might surprise some people by having good manners, but you will not surprise the Lord. He expects nothing less of you, so why not begin today by showing the world that good mannered people are still here and are hoping that others will begin to act toward others in a way God would be pleased with.

May we take these same godly manners in our sharing the gospel of Jesus with them. Let us show the light of kindness, patience, then love as we invite someone to come to worship service. People are searching for good friends who truly care for them in a world of confusion and despair. It’s time to not hide our light under a bushel but to let it shine from shore to shore.