Growing in Christ Daily

There has never been a person who did not in some way or another influence someone else. Influence can be a subtle thing. One may very well be exerting a very dominant effect on someone else without really realizing it and one may very well be greatly influenced by someone without realizing that such is taking place. This being the case, one needs to guard his influence carefully and guard against being influenced in an improper manner.

Sure one does influence others in many ways, but does this affect the decisions you make? There is no such thing as a decision which has no effect on others. What you decide to do will affect not only yourself but many others. This being the case, we all need to be cautious about decisions we make. Think them out thoroughly and proceed with the thought in mind, “I am going to influence others.”

A good influence can be very valuable while a harmful influence can be very evil. Look at your life. You are either influencing people for good or bad. There is no neutral ground.

Remember, there is more than one eye watching you. Consider carefully your effect on others because you will be judged on how you influenced others. Are you influencing them to serve God or to serve the devil?

Why not influence people for good by showing them Christ daily as we grow as Christians?

Our goal as stated in Ephesians 5:15 is to grow up into being like Christ. May this be our goal in 2022: to grow daily in Christ and let the world see Christ more and more in our lives.