Letter From A College Student

This is a letter I wrote to the local church I attended while in college during my summer vacation in Canada two months after I was baptized.

Note: Brother Sheehan was baptized here in Bowling Green this year. He is a student at Western Kentucky University. . . You remember . . . The big football player who wears overalls and flip flops and beads and a big smile all the time. He is in Ontario, Canada. He is a fine fellow. Why not sit down now and write him a note of encouragement?

“The summer is going well. I’m working as a waiter. I do have a small problem. There is no church here to attend. There are two but both are real liberal. I talked to the preachers at both . .

Well Donna Tipton has been sending me tapes of her Sunday classes and sermons by brother Nichols . . .

I have slipped a few times this summer, not big, but slips I know would not have occurred if I had a church and its members to be with.

I was hoping you could ask the congregation to say a little prayer for me. It’s awfully lonely here sometimes with no Christians to talk with.

I have tried to spread the word of the Bible numerous times but few if any care to hear. I’d appreciate your prayers plus anyone else who can help me.

It will be so great to be back at school and be able to attend church again. I feel a lot of people take the church for granted. If they could only be put where there is no church to attend they would sure be appreciative of Twelfth Street and all the other strong churches.

Well thanks for listening to me, say hi to all the members for me. . . .”

“God be with you” (excerpts from letter June 30, 1975)